Roon Architecture

I’ve looked at the architecture diagram and it makes sense to me. I’ve downloaded Roon on the trial basis and I can get it to play music on my PC speakers and then on my hifi speakers via the Sooloos Control 15. I plan to get rid of the Control 15 soon. What can I replace it with so that I can continue to play Roon music on my hifi.


Typically a tablet and something like the Auralic Aries, SonicOrbiter SE, or microRendu. Each of these three options will all serve as roon ready endpoints. That is to say they will receive the stream from your PC running Roon over your network and output it to your DAC in your system. You would then control the audio either from your PC or tablet/phone.

One vote for the Sonore microRendu. Mine is paired with HQPlayer and it sounds great.

Can I not just connect my PC to my DAC?

I probably misinterpreted your initial post and I assumed the PC and DAC were not physically in the same room which is why i mentioned the endpoints, which use a network connection between the PC and endpoint then a USB connection to the DAC. If they are physically near by you could absolutely connect the PC directly to the DAC.

Just install the regular Roon (server+GUI) and you’ll be able to control/play from that PC, any other PCs you have Roon running on in the network, or your phone/tablet.

Thanks very much.