Roon @ artist level is next level

I’ve been complaining about some things that are missing in 1.8 (track tagging/playlist visibility for tracks etc.) so I thought I’d balance that out with something I’ve just been using and been delighted by - The stuff going on at artist level.

The whole presentation/look for a start is dope. I’m sitting at a 27" 1440p monitor Windows PC using dark mode and Roon is high rez and spectacular. The recommended artists seems to be on point and is very cool. The “covered by” where you can see what song by the artist have been covered by others is fun. Of course the artist bio and discography. A pleasure to use!

Just now, I’ve discovered a pretty interesting band I had never heard of called The Blue Nile, the album A Walk Across the Rooftops due to poking around with this. Nice!


Yes, some artist have huge sections for “Playing the Music Of…”, was just looking at Neil Young. Cool that you get a Play button too!

Agreed, the cover versions is another, great,rabbit hole to disappear down :grinning:

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