Roon Artist page - "all main albums" missing albums vs search

I’m trying to determine if I should switch over from LMS+iPeng+Spotify to Roon. I finally saw Bohemian Rhapsody this past weekend. I don’t have much Queen in my collection, so I went to Spotify, selected all the studio albums and started playing, took a few minutes. I figured this would be a good use case test for Roon.

I just tried the same in Roon + Tidal and I’m still not getting there. Seems not all albums show up under the Artist page?

For example, I searched Queen, click on the “Top Result” which brings me to the Artist page. Nice. I like that. I can scroll down to Main Albums (with the Tidal icon) and hit View All Main Albums. But it’s not “all”. Queen II is missing. If I then go to search and type in Queen II, it’s there, and shows all three Tidal versions available.

What am I missing? Is this just a quirk for Queen or…??


Hi Alan,

If you have Queen II already added to your library, it won’t show it in the Tidal logo Main Albums section.

You can click on Queen II that’s in your library and select Versions, which will show you any other versions available in Tidal.

Is this the case? Is Queen II added to your library?

Cheers, Greg

Thanks Greg, that was it.

From a usability perspective, I find that really confusing. If I ask for all the albums from an Artist, I should be able to see all the Albums.

I can see two use cases:

  1. From an Artist view, show me all the Albums in my Library. i.e. want to play something by Queen and I want to choose from those in my Library rather than wading through music I haven’t curated. This works.
  2. From an Artist view, show all Albums, independent of my Library. I want to see what’s available to play, perhaps in exploring a new artist or deciding to take a listen to something new. This is missing.

Any idea what the use case for eliding Albums in my Library is?

I’m new to Tidal and have noticed this ‘feature’ too. It was confusing at first because I knew Tidal had all the albums (checked via phone app) until I realise what was going on.
I view it now as a positive feature because the Tidal view shows what isn’t in your library, so you have yet to hear it (and maybe didn’t even know it existed).

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