Roon Artist Profile Images Disappearing

The lack of artist profile images was the biggest downside for me adopting Roon. Only around 40% of my artist profiles were populated, and many of these were low res or poorly cropped. It was a serious effort to correct this. I’ve done over 1000 artists but when I open Roon they keep disappearing and I have to reupload them. Not many, maybe 10 or 20 every few weeks but it has already been so much work its frustrating to have to go back and redress it. Has anyone else suffered this, is there a fix?

Did you happen to know if this happens to fully identified artists with bio, pics and dates from TiVo? Or just the “empty” artists your roon has created on the base of unidentified album´s tags?

I had quite a lot of such ´ghost artists´ and therefore lots of duplicates as well. In case they got merged or identified eventually I have experienced several cases of pictures disappearing.

Do you have a recent example?

Hey. I am not alone. I’d guess its mostly artists unidentified by TiVo. Here are a few I can see have been removed now. Wang Inc, Sindh, Iota, Geopard Tourist. I’ve merged most duplicates but I have notice that they do occasionally reappear. However, this seems to happen less often then the disappearing profile pictures…