Roon as a replacement for Logitech Media Server on Linux

I have been running Logitech Media Server for 10+ years and recently my Squeezebox died, so I installed the LMS DLNA/UPnP bridge on my server and purchased an Onkyo TX-8270 receiver which has streaming capability. This worked OK until the TX-8270 goes into stanby mode and the LMS “forgets” it…

Anyway, I wanted to hear feedback please from anyone else who has migrated from LMS on Linux to Roon core.


An old thread but thought I’d respond. I’ve gone the other way i.e from Roon to LMS which has been an interesting journey playing with different applications and hardware.

I used Roon happily for many years, but it had a lot more functionality than I needed and found it an overkill for me. Enjoying playing with tech I figured I’d see whats around that may suit my use cases better and ideally be open-source, free or priced more for my situation.

I prefer t use Linux as my desktop but do use Windows for gaming and if I need the Sky Sports app on Sky Go. Apart from that it’s Linux.

I host various utilities such as Nextcloud and some VoIP servers and the like which I use day to day and have these running within a Linux VM so agnostic to host OS. I also use Qobus and have a fair few off line hi-res files but primarily get my music from Qobuz.

I have some Sonos ep’s, DACS and a Raspberry Pi and enjoy a good listening session with headphones or casual with a Pi.

Once I left Roon the Qobuz app (Windows) or browser (Linux) became my primary music UI. However, I now had to now deal with all the OS processing of the sound, it as good enough but as a challenge I wanted to have it as unprocessed as possible or else any processing controlled by me. A lot of the time I was also now using DLNA/UpnP which has it’s quirks.

Apart from having the native Qobuz app in Windows at this point I was better off in Linux generally as I was using pulseausdo-dlna from desktop to endpoints. This is good to CD quality but getting it to support hi-res even in flac was a challenge not met and lifes to short so CD quality it was. I could use Android apps such as BubbleUpnP or others to stream hi res if needed and/or use USB dacs off the mobile for streaming. Local hi-res files were fine.

I then started a trial of Audivana Studio which is nice and I may stay with it BUT it’s a Windows app. So I then come across Logitech Media Server. I install this inside a Debian VM; works as stated and with some tweaks can now Stream Qobuz inside LMS high res to endpoints - including MQA as confirmed by the trusty blue light on a Meridian DAC.

The one thing I liked about Roon was the Radio facility. Like others I’ve discovered many new sounds over the years this way. Qobuz has a similar thing but not as good IMO. With LMS I can integrate my lastfm account and set to never ending and get something similar. Early days but liking it so far.

It’s all part of the hobby to my, messing around configuring this and that and I’m sure I’ll continue to do so but for now I’m happy with Qobuz and LMS.

I also looked at Amazon Music - don’t get me started there but it’s good on a Sonos Move device for the voice operation.

Anyway, hope others find the journey interesting and if I can help anyone on a similar quest ask away.