Roon as an 8 channel DSP for active speakers

Anyone using Roon as an active crossover with a multiple channel interface? Playing around with the Mix filter it looks pretty straightforward to copy the stereo L/R to the other three stereo channels in 7.1. Looks like FIR filters are probably the best way to implement crossover filtering, I don’t see all the standard IIR crossover filters available, and with FIR you get linear phase anyway.

Couple of questions: how beefy a machine do I need to run 8 channels of FIR filters simultaneously? If the Core can handle the DSP, can a Pi with an 8 channel interface keep up as a remote endpoint with that much PCM over 8 channels?

I’m guessing not…the bigger issue might end up being sync of the signal paths.

I use multiple active speakers (Diy) designed by and ASP is always the preferred option, but a simple MiniDSP can also substitute with reasonable results

Well I’m going to order a cheap Monoprice 8 channel audio extractor to run some tests. I have an eight channel miniDSP, but it has a high noise floor. If I can get something running with the audio extractor I’ll invest in a good pro audio interface with balanced outputs.

Will be interested to hear how it goes

Would love to hear of this worked

Yes you can implement active crossovers. I recommend using Audiolense or Acourate. They will not only allow you to create a DSP filter for the crossovers but also correct any distortions caused by the room and time align your speakers for a near perfect step response.
Start by reading Mitch Barnett’s articles: