Roon as Playstore App on ChromeOS randomly selects items

I am running roon as a playstore app on my chromebook (asus c302) successfully. the only hick-up i find is that it randomly selects/ highlights an album when i just hover my cursor over the roon app interface. It then tends to look like this:

but anything else is working perfectly.

Maybe Roon Support can look into this, enabling chromebook users to run roon as a playstore app without issues?

I think you may have inadvertently used gestures to perform a two-fingered touch the albums … this will select one or more (blue shading) and cause the bar across the screen to display. This is normal behaviour.

ha, you are right. just tried it purposefully (by using 2 finger gesture for scrolling up and down). a pity that it works as designed.

so, the only way to avoid this is to use 2 finger gesture control for scrolling on an area that does not touch the album art or track items.

I’m traveling so can’t test with Roon, but I’m sure you can use a single finger for scrolling? I can with iOS.

Not that I know of.

I am using the trackpad on my laptop. And on that scrolling is possible with 2 finger gestures.

I could use the touch screen for scrolling though, to avoid this.

Same as my MacBook … maybe adjust the sensitivity if you’re triggering a two-finger tap. Gently placing two fingers on the trackpad should not register as a tap.

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