Roon As Streamer to Mytek Brooklyn+ DAC

I have Roon Core Installed on Synology NAS and database is on 250gb SSD connected via USB 3.0

Synology NAS is connected directly to router via CAT 7 patch cable. From router there is a CAT 7 cable to TP Link media converter and fiber optic cable to Autalic Aries G1 streamer which is connected via USB cable to Mytek Brooklyn + DAC and then to ARC REF 2 line stage.

I’m contemplating removing Autalic Aries G1 and use ethernet to USB adapter and connect Roon Core directly to Mytek Brooklyn +DAC and use Roon as streamer. Do you think it will work without sound degradation?

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What exactly do you mean by this? Do you mean putting in a USB -> Ethernet adapter and having the Synology act as the DHCP server for the Mytek?

If your Media Converter is not working as expected, we suggest using an Ethernet connection for your audio devices and systems like Mesh WiFi are generally more stable than other solutions from what we’ve seen.

My intention is to remove one of devices from a signal path without sound degradation. If I use Roon as streaming device directly to Mytek Brooklyn DAC I could eliminate Auralic Aries G1 streamer. However, Mytek Brooklyn does not have network port, and distance is too long for USB cable, thus the question if I use ethernet to USB adapter and use ethernet cable to USB on Mytek Brooklyn. Do you think that would work? Technically it should but am curious has anyone tried this already?

Hello @Predrag_Kos,

Roon will interact with devices that report themselves properly, meaning in theory might but you will have to try to see. Long USB cables have been problematic in the past, but now USB over Ethernet extenders exist, so if you are going to try this, make sure it says USB over Ethernet extender, not just adapter.

Thank you Boriš. I’ll let you know the outcome.

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I purchased, as suggested USB over Ethernet extender. Plugged it in to my Mytek Brooklyn+ DAC and hooked it up to Ethernet cable. Roon recognized Mytek and I started streaming in no time. To my big surprise sound that was coming out of my speakers was way off. I have a set of well known songs that I regularly use to test any changes to my system. I know those songs by heart, every not. Sound was not even close to what it was before, it was substantially degraded, kind of hollow, and fairly thin. Those were songs from my own library that resides on my NAS. All are very well recorded and are mixture of CD quality, 24/92 and DSD recordings. After that i tried TIDAL MQA recordings, it sounded a bit better, but still not even close to what it used to be. Tried few TIDAL CD Quality songs, I did not like it at all. I have no logical explanation for this, other than that Auralic Aries G1 has some processing that I am used to. Whether Femto Clock does a better job, or there is some filtering happening within Auralic (all filtering on Auralic settings is turned off to best of my knowledge). I have listened to this setup Roon -->Mytek Brooklyn+ for two days now, about 4 hours in total, and I do not like the sound. I will keep the setup for another two or three days, and listen some more to it, but so far I believe I am going to leave Auralic Aries G1 in the path as it is. I hope that some of the community will find this useful if they are contemplating the same.

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