Roon as the standard in music software

Will there ever be a day when Roon will become the standard and installed on a vast majority of streaming equipment. ie instead of having to buy a streamer that has it’s own software and either having to use that or purchasing a computer and a license for Roon it will be all included in the one box. Surely this would benefit the consumer if all the manufacturers got on board and agreed to this.

You will most likely never get Roon as default, but Roon ready streamer module included in DAC has already started (or preamps with DAC + streamer). I think this will become more common as Roon increase in popularity.

Downside of this is of course if all DAC’s will start including a Roon ready streamer; this will make the all devices more expensive. Besides; if you have a great streamer; maybe you don’t want to switch that when you replace the DAC with a new model. I actually think it gives best quality when you have a device that is really good at one task - not multiple tasks.

And if you find a streamer not Roon ready; don’t buy it :wink:

Main problem; most people don’t care about audio quality. They are happy with built in TV sound; or display monitor speakers. MP3 and iphone/android is what the next generation are happy with… I think this business is doomed already unfortunately. I work with people watching movies (netflix) on and iPhone, and think I’m insane talking about a 65 inch TV is too small. Not to forget building out with ceiling speakers in my HT setup :slight_smile: