Roon asks for password every time I connect and then asks me to unauthorize one core

Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (Linux 5.4.0-52-generic
Roon version 1.7 build 667

Wifi from Nativ Vita to DLINK Taipan, then ethernet into Netgear JGS516 16 port switch. This then has ethernet to the Ubuntu Roon Server direct and my broadband VDSL router (via Powerline Ethernet).

Audio Device
Native Vita (Android based) streamer, coax to Audio Note DAC 3.1

Description Of Issue:
I have recently moved house and installed my server rack with the Roon Server and my audio listening zone in my man cave. This problem has only occurred since moving house which created a very different, albeit a simpler, network configuration.
Now, regardless of the remote I use, Android phone, Android Tablet or Windows 10 PC I get the same thing. It detects the roon server, I click the “connect” button and it prompts me for a roon userid and password. This is new to me, but I enter it and it tells me I have to deauth one f my servers (I only have the one). Instead I select “back” but the cycle repeats.

Any ideas?

Many people seem to have had this problem and solution seems to be “press the unauthorize button” rather than the back button. Everything should be okay then.

Really…too simple…and yet it worked. Thanks!

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Good to hear!

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