Roon at home, Qobuz on the go

When I’m listening to Qobuz via Roon, does my listening data update in Qobuz itself? That is, will my listening via Roon affect my Qobuz curated playlists, so I can have a better curated list to listen to while outside of my home?

I do a lot of listening at home and would love that data to be used to give me better recommendations when I’m in the car.


Hi Dustin,

I think those lists are populated with artists/genres based on the ones you have in your library. Don’t think it’s done based on your listening habits.

I may be wrong though so let’s see what others chime in with :slight_smile:

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i believe the ingest of Qobuz data is one directional only. E.g. favouriting and adding items within your Qobuz environment updates Roon. I’ve never seen mine go the other way.

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If you add Qobuz content to your library via Roon, this will sync with Qobuz.

It’s for playlists it does not work.

Again, happy to be corrected :slight_smile:

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Just tested this. Yes, if you add to your library via Roon’s Qobuz interface, the song/album shows up on the native Qobuz app.

I guess my larger question, which @RBO alluded to, is what data goes into personalized playlists, recommendations, and radio tracks? If its library content. That’s great, the libraries will sync automatically. If its listens then that’s more complicated. I hope its the former.

EDIT: though this seems to be more of a Qobuz question than a Roon one at this point.

Qobuz curation is lacking for this kind of stuff. You only get you weekly q playlist which I have found to be very random. Roon does feed back all that is played to Qobuz whether they use this data for curation is unknown. With Tidal it does as I only ever use Roon for playing Tidal content and my curated stuff in their app is changing all the time based on this. Shame Roon doesn’t have access to these itself so you can use them in Roon as the basic stuff you get isn’t really reflective of your accounts usage apart from the my mixes.

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Thanks. One of the things I miss about Spotify was the series of curated playlists and letting the algorithm do its thing after I finished the album. Makes driving much more pleasant.

Maybe should have gone with Tidal instead of Qobuz, but there are 1000 threads like that and I don’t want to have that discussion here.

I have both again now they have the cheaper hifi tier. Spotify however seems to think you love something with one play which annoys me and tries to get you more of the same.

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Yeah, that’s true. I guess I could justify it to myself as Tidal = outside home listening, Qobuz = inside streaming.

EDIT: This one time I threw on The First Cut is the Deepest in Spotify because I referenced it in a conversation. That song stayed in my playlists for weeks!

It will take a while for it to get to know you but when it does it’s very good.

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