Roon Audio analysis gives different results from other tools

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I gave a couple of examples on DR range from Roon to a friend the other day, and he protested and said they were incorrect…
So, i analysed the files with TT DR Offline Meter:

Converted the file to a compatible format, using Sox:

Analyzed folder: C:\Users\Streacom FC10\Music\Mäta DR\The Rolling Stones\Hackney Diamonds2 [2023]
DR Peak RMS Filename

DR5 over -6.98 dB 01 - Angry.wav
DR5 over -6.67 dB 02 - Get Close.wav
DR5 over -7.08 dB 03 - Depending On You.wav
DR5 over -5.67 dB 04 - Bite My Head Off.wav
DR5 over -5.69 dB 05 - Whole Wide World.wav
DR6 over -8.62 dB 06 - Dreamy Skies.wav
DR6 over -6.83 dB 07 - Mess It Up.wav
DR5 over -6.53 dB 08 - Live By The Sword.wav
DR5 over -5.93 dB 09 - Driving Me Too Hard.wav
DR7 over -8.22 dB 10 - Tell Me Straight.wav
DR5 over -6.86 dB 11 - Sweet Sounds Of Heaven.wav
DR7 -0.60 dB -10.75 dB 12 - Rolling Stone Blues.wav

Number of files: 12
Official DR value: DR6

And for an HR download of Gaucho:

And here the TT DR Offline meter gave me this:

Analyzed folder: C:\Users\Streacom FC10\Music\Mäta DR\Steely Dan\Gaucho [HD]2 [2000]\

DR Peak RMS Filename
DR10 -0.70 dB -13.26 dB 01 - Babylon Sisters.wav
DR11 -0.86 dB -13.61 dB 02 - Hey Nineteen.wav
DR9 -0.78 dB -11.87 dB 03 - Glamour Profession.wav
DR8 -0.77 dB -10.74 dB 04 - Gaucho.wav
DR10 -0.83 dB -12.99 dB 05 - Time Out Of Mind.wav
DR10 -0.23 dB -12.53 dB 06 - My Rival.wav
DR8 -0.64 dB -11.84 dB 07 - Third World Man.wav

Number of files: 7
Official DR value: DR9

What gives these differences?

There are a few methods to compute dynamic range. Roon states their method below is based on the R128 method:

In the example provided, Roon even states that their computation results in a lower DR than that provided by Bandcamp.

From JRiver’s DR Wiki:

“… R128 Dynamic range **measures how many decibels there are between a track’s 95 percentile for loudness and the track’s 10th percentile for loudness.”

Wiki entry for EBU R128:

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This is far from new information.


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