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Is it possible to make Roon return to previous sample rate with Exclusive mode on after exiting the app? The HQplayer releases the audio resources the moment it quits - Roon does not. Is there any options or setting that switches back to the system audio default sample rate as soon as I close the Roon app?

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The only option I know of is: Patience.
AFAIK will Roon release the audio device as other players do, just not immediately but after a little grace time.

Thank you for the answer. I just wanted to know if there is an option in Roon setting I might have missed. Yesterday I was enjoying listening to the song at 192kHz sample rate. I closed the Roon and opened my Cubase 12 to put some music ideas into the recording track. I noticed something weird - when I checked the project setting - it showed 192kHz instead 48kHz I set during the last session. So I wondered if there’s more efficient solution than Patience :slight_smile:

I checked the system sample rates 10 minutes after I exited the Roon app and it still shows 192kHz. How much longer should I patiently wait?

Releasing a device, so that other software can access it is one thing, (re)setting specific values on a device is another thing. I don’t think (based on what I experienced with my external DAC but as it is an external DAC, it may behave differently by design) that Roon restores/resets any values on any given device when releasing it. Any other player software with exclusive access would just set the values to the stream/music parameters it wants to play anyway.
Now your DAW is not exactly a player software, so that might be your issue here or you just started the DAW software to soon. Maybe you can somehow save and reload audio in-/output settings in your DAW software to set the values you want more or less automatically (on software start, default for new projects, …)?

Note: There is no documented option that influences what happens to an audio device when Roon releases it or gets closed.

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I would prefer the Roon rather cleans after itself not waiting for some other software to do the job. After running Roon I have to manualy set all my sound recording / playback devices back to the values prior launching Roon. I strongly believe this MUST BE FIXED. As I mentioned earlier HQPlayer does perfect job releasing the audio resources after ending the session. I hope ROON developers read this post and do somthing to make it right.

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Hi @Abolit,

Thank you for your suggestions. What is your operating system, out of curiosity? There’s no easy workaround for sample rate mismatches such as you’re experiencing if you’re attempting to use Roon for reference tracks through a dedicated monitoring chain while switching back and forth between a session.

While I sympathize - I really do - DAW use cases are beyond the scope of the #support section, since reference material in a pro or prosumer audio setting is not the consumer use case for which Roon is designed.

I recognize the need for a rapid callback with reference material during mixing and composing. I recommend using a separate networked endpoint instead of your monitoring path, so you don’t have to even tinker with the System mixer on your Core in this context.

For visibility, I can reclassify this to either the #roon or even potentially the #feedback:feature-suggestions subsection, where 1) senior staff will see it and 2) other users can contribute their opinions and vote, if the thread gains traction. I can’t assist you here, however, as Roon is functioning properly within its context.

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