Roon audio (occasionally stuttering)

I’ve had great luck using Roon in ASIO mode but over the weekend I had a few occasions where the audio got “stuck” in a stuttering mode. Of course, it’s an awful sound and the only way to get rid of it was to go to Windows Task Manager and end the Roon process. I don’t know if this is something specific to my PC or what, but I’m curious about any steps to avoid this in the future.


Wired, wireless? It wireless, how good is signal, is protocol sufficient iro bandwidth and are there any competing resources?

I’m streaming from my NAS-which is Ethernet wired. My Windows 10PC is also Ethernet wired. I’m assuming that’s a “wired” setup. I think the bigger issues may be when I’m copying files to NAS from desktop. Maybe it’s a bandwidth issue? It’s a new HP computer with 8gb of ram. I also noticed that if I try to “analyze” files for DR, etc - then my computer is pretty much useless when it comes to navigating the Internet. Average around 50mb down and 5 upload speed. Maybe I need to upgrade RAM so I can analyze and copy folders without completely taxing my computer? The “stuttering” issue is not prominent but it’s quite alarming when it happens. Sometimes it goes away and sometimes it gets “stuck” and I have to “kill” the program. I’ll continue to monitor and thanks for the reply!