Roon Audio output issues

Dear fellow users,

After years of working with apple products and Roon, I switched to a new setup using windows. However, now I’m experiencing problems with the connected audio devices especially with the system output. Roon does not show the devices and trying to refresh them only shows them for a second before this part of the screen becomes blank again. The only solution I have found is to delete the folder “RAATserver” and reopen Roon. As long as the application is running everything works fine. After rebooting the application, the system outputs are not working anymore and I have to delete the Raatserver folder again. Based on previous forum posts I have downloaded and reinstalled the drivers and disabled the firewall, all without effect. Hopefully I can enjoy roon again without deleting the folder every time. Remco.

You know the deal then :wink:
PC specs, network, OS version, storage location Yadda Yadda Yadda

Thank you for your answer. Here is the required additional information:

Windows 10 pro 64bit version 1809, Intel i7 8700k, 16GB Ram.
Roon 1.5 (build 363) is installed on my M.2 internal drive and the music is stored internally on a 4tb HD. All drivers are reinstalled and are the latest stable version.

Please let me know if additional information is required.

I know you have but I would double check the windows firewall

The other option may be the windows defender av software, it’s known to interfere, maybe disable it temporarily

My data drives are excluded from AV to prevent multi scanning, I have one working drive not excluded just in case

My set up looks similar, i7 , 16 gb etc it just worked

Thank you for your response. I have disabled my firewall and defender av software. The firewall is disabled both in windows and in my virsuscanner. However, the problem persists. For now, I delete the Raat server folder every time I have to restart or shutdown the computer, I do hope on a more sustainable option. All ideas are welcome!

How are the devices connected?

I would not use system output.

In this scenario you cannot even choose your output. All the reported outputs blink and disappear. Roon blames Realtek, but in reality I’m not sure if they know where the problem is. If deleting a Roon folder fixes it, then they should be able to fix it.

Thank you for your responses. I am aware that the system output is not the best way to connect the speakers, however, regardless of the output (direct on the motherboard, via usb to A&K player or to the mytek DAC) all directly connected connections are unavailable on restart of roon until I delete the Raat Server folder. All the Roon networked endpoints will remain available all the time.