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Set Max Volume at Playback Start

"If you choose DSP Volume or Fixed Volume you’ll see an extra setting appear in the advanced settings screen.

This setting causes Roon to attempt to set the Device’s volume control to the maximum level each time it starts playback."

The extra setting mentioned above does not exist, when I select “Fixed Volume” in Roon setup? Each time I start Roon (Mac, Allo Katana, Ropeee. Roon) my “Fixed Volume” selection reverts to “Device Volume” at 45. Using an external Pre I want “Fixed Volume” Help. Thank you.

Hello @Richard_Thorpe,

There was discussion about this with the RoPieee author not too long ago, I am not sure of the current status of this feature request. Here is a link to the thread with further discussion


Thanks John I’ll take a look. Cheers