Roon, Auralic Aries, BubbleUPnP

Odd problem presentation here. I have a Synology NAS with Roon Core installed on it. I use an Android tablet to control. All works fine with the Roon app. However, when I try to use BubbleUPnP and play to the Aries, the track will play in Bubble, but the Now Playing screen shows “Roon” instead of the album art and the media controls and time indicator are absent. If I change to local renderer, it works fine.

I tried selecting local renderer in Roon then going back to BubbleUPnP in case there was a conflict there, but same problem.

If I reboot everything, it clears, but returns after running Roon again.

Is there something in the way the Aries interacts with Roon that would cause this? The author of BubbleUPnP hasn’t yet been able to figure out from his end and I haven’t received a reply from Xuanqian at Auralic yet (I may need to email directly).

Thanks for anything that can help troubleshoot this.

This sounds like something for Auralic to look at–no-one at Roon has their fingers in the internals of the Aries UPnP stuff.

I will follow-up with Auralic and see what they can tell me. I don’t know for sure that it is the Auralic. It’s like the UPnP controller gets locked to Roon as the server when I pick Auralic as the renderer. I’ve posted here, at BubbleUPnP support, and at Auralic. Doesn’t seem to be an experience that is run across much. I’ll post back here if I find anything else out.


I’m pretty confident. RAAT is totally independent of UPnP on that device–anything that is shipping metadata around between the two “sides” of the device happened at Auralic.

Ok, noted. I just did some further testing and found I only need to restart the Aries to clear it, so it does seem like something happening there. I just emailed their support directly.