Roon/Auralic Vega Issue

I recently purchased a used Auralic Vega DAC and I am having some issues getting it to work with Roon. I run Roon on a Windows 10 laptop. I downloaded the latest Vega ASIO Driver. Roon seems to have problems when switching from PCM files to DSD. It will hang briefly and then start to cycle through each track on the album. Sometimes it says it can’t find the audio zone.

I also have J River 21 on my laptop and the Vega ASIO works flawlessly. So I think the problem is with Roon.

Has anyone had any similar issues? Any suggestions?



Are you able to play DSD at all? Are you aware that older VEGAs require an update to play DSD? Mine is in China being updated right now.

I also bought a used Vega. It handles DSD64 and DSD128 fine, but needs a firmware upgrade for DSD128. Haven’t sent it off to China yet …

Check out this KB page to make sure Roon is set up properly for the DAC. When you enable Exclusive Mode, what format support is Roon showing under the Playback tab of your Vega Roon settings ?

Mine is an earlier model and would not play DSD at all.

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