Roon + Auralic Vegaa + Wndows

The issue I am having is that although Windows does indicate that the Auralic ASIO driver in the playback device and I have selected it and I choose the Auralic driver in Roon it shows that the output is WASPI.not ASIO. I have also tried the JPlay driver and set it up for Kernel Streaming. It plays fine and does sound really good but I would imagine the ASIO would be a bit better.
I am using an Intel NUC with an I3 with 8 gig of RAM. This was in Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 pre-release 100147. Confused


First of all sorry for the typos! I was typing from across the room and I should know better since I cannot see that well to begin with. LOL

I have fixed my issue which I guess is a good thing. It appears to have been me… If I selected Roon Speakers (Windows) and any driver I always got WASPI even though Windows did say Auralic ASIO driver. It was something Brian had replied to earlier about WASPI and ASIO. It did make some sense. It was his reply to extracampine.
What I did was just choose the driver and not the Roon Speakers and I got the output to be ASIO. For those who have an Auralic Vega I did have an issue with that dirver playing “hi-res”. I did not have time to fully investigate the issue. What I am using is the JPlay driver only and have Roon set for DSD over DOP 1x. This works very well.

I know Brian felt that both drivers were bit perfect and I am sure they are but I found that the JPlay driver (ASIO Kernel Streaming) gave it a little more punch and maybe a bit more detail. I have further listening to do to verify that but I wanted to pass on the “good” news and hope it may help others.

Thanks for a great product!!!


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[quote=“jeffzaret, post:2, topic:2186”]
I have fixed my issue which I guess is a good thing. It appears to have been me.[/quote]
And what surprise is that? LOL Good deal…

Like I have said many times, I am usually my worse enemy. I need to slow down and take notes along the way. :slight_smile:

I will test the Auralic driver a bit more to see if it is related to DSD over DOP and change it to “Convert to PCM” what I was getting was noise when it was selected. As of right now I am happy with the results of JPlay.