Roon Aurelic Vega G2 slight miss-identification issue


I just got in a new Vega G2. It is running version 5.5.1 of their firmware (it autoupdated immediately when first booted up). It is mostly identified correctly, including the max PCM and DSD support. However, it gets the device volume confused – saying min 0 max 0. (See screenshot.) I am thinking this is contributing to why Roon doesn’t show me the option to ‘set device to max volume’ when I select the ‘Fixed Volume’ setting (I will control the volume via the amp the Vega G2 is connected to).

(Also note that it lists the actual DAC portion of the Vega G2 as unidentified.)

Roon on client and core is 1.5 up-to-date.



Typically if you are using Roon for the volume control you would set the VEGA to 100% using the volume dial or set it to fixed volume in the settings? The screen you posted is where you set volume limits to prevent overdriving the speakers, volume control should be set to fixed not device volume, if you go into device setup in Roon can you set the volume to fixed?

Yes, the option to set it to fixed is there. However, the option for ‘set volume to max when starting up’ is NOT there, and I assume that’s because Roon is getting nonsensical min/max device volume of 0 to 0 (the read-only values at the bottom of the dialog I have open in the screenshot). When the Vega G2 cold boots, it resets its own volume to 50%. Hence why it would be very nice to take advantage of Roon setting its volume to max like it will do on my other zones.

Hello @cwichura,

Thanks for the report. Currently, when the Vega G2 is discovered by Roon, it does not report its current volume state correctly. However, once playback has started to the device, it will update the current volume level as well as other status items such as volume limits. We have passed this information on to AURALiC for further investigation.

Regarding the “set device to max volume” setting, this option is only available for locally connected devices. I would recommend reaching out to AURALiC and requesting a configurable “start up volume” feature, so that when you boot the device the volume is set to your preferred default.


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