Roon Authorization lost for my Mac Mini

Greetings. I have been running Roon core on my Mac Mini for the past 24 hours. And I in turn have a Roon remote running on my Macbook Pro. Yesterday everything was working great. Mac Mini was setup with my NAS, and Tidal and DAC, and the world was good. I could control music playback on the Mac Mini from my Macbook Pro.

Last night when I retired for the evening I shut down Roon and the Mac Mini it was running on.

This morning I booted the Mac Mini, started Roon (core) and get the dreaded Authorizations page in Roon on my Mac Mini. It gives me the option to run as a remote, and to unauthorized the Mac Mini.

Interestingly when I start Roon on my Macbook Pro it knows that the Mac Mini is the Roon core, gives me the option to connect to it, but of course I cannot since I cannot get Roon to run as Core anymore on my Mac Mini.

So, I know the short term answer is to unauthorized and then re authorize the Mac Mini as a core, but before I do that is there anything that would help you from a trouble shooting perspective?


just unauthorize it… the screen is a total red herring. I have a fix in development now.

@danny - thanks that did the trick and it immediately returned to normal.