Roon auto login on Mac OSX

Hello @ all,

I am new to the roon universe and I absolutely fell in love with it. BUT I have one issue:

I set up a mac mini in my living room as my roon core. After starting OS X the roon software
also starts but doesn’t log in automatically. I always have to manually type in my login data. As I have
no keyboard or mouse installed I always have to use VNC - wich for me is no problem- but it is a no go for my girlfriend or guests who would simply like to listen to music in an easy way. It is a bit of a showstopper for me to leave the mac on all the time or to manually log in each time.

Thanks a lot in advance and many greetings from Frankfurt


If this is headless setup, I would recommend installing Roon Server rather than the full Roon installation.

On this point, I made the mistake for a full Roon installation on my Mac Mini. Without having to redefine my environment, is there an easy way to de-install the full blown Roon and just install the server version?

I just installed the roon server only version with autostart but left the full client on the mac without autostart. So I still have the option to enjoy the cover art etc. on my TV. if I like. Lets see how that works out…

BTW. is it possible to run roon server and the full client at the same time??

In short … Yes :slight_smile: The full Roon then operates just as a Roon Remote.

Mac autologin is simple.

System Preferences > Users & Groups > Login Options
Automatically login: OFF <<<<< Change this to the desired user

Note, there are security risks associated with enabling autologin. I do it on some of my Macs but I make sure the user is a standard account and not an administrator.