Roon Automatic Folder Organization

I have a folder that I’ve allowed Roon to manage as it sees fit. Some artists have been pulled out of their sub folders and now sit at the root level with the albums nested under them. Others are still sitting in there original folders. Needless to say it’s now a complete mess.

What’s the criteria for Roon deciding what/where files get moved and what don’t?

If you set up a Watched Folder, we will move nothing – in that configuration, we don’t modify the files in any way.

If you’ve set up an Organized Folder, we will organize your music based on how it appears in Roon, and everything will end up in this format:

/Artists/Album/Track # - Track Name/

More information here – thanks for the question @cixel!

That’s good info.
At what point does it get moved when adding a folder to library in settings?
Is any meta-data or tags ‘organized’?

In my case all the files have been scanned and seem to be in the library. I’m not sure if Roon is still moving files or if it’s stopped and is broken at this point. I’ve tried removing and re-adding the folder. Will something in the logs tell us?

If you add an Organized Folder, Roon will use the same metadata you see in app to organize your files.

So, if you find an album identified incorrectly and change the ID inside Roon, we will move the files to the newly corrected folder.

If you’ve added either an Organized or Watched Folder, you’ll know when we’ve finished scanning when the spinner in the top-right goes away.

I’ve allowed Roon months to organize my data as an ‘Organized folder’ and we’re still at an impasse. I’m definitely done spinning. At this point I have some files in their original location (Root of /A/Artist ,/B/Artist/ …) , others moved as specified (/Artists/Album/Track # - Track Name/) and then there’s a subset that are Shell Directories (ie. /Artists/Album/ with with nothing in them).

Is there any way to tell Roon to restart or try again?
Any data I can provide that might show why Roon stopped?