Roon automatically adding artists from Tidal

Every day, Roon automatically adds at least one artist from Tidal. I’m assuming these are paid promotions, and I wouldn’t have a problem with this… If they were selected from genres that I listen to. But it’s seemingly random, from genres I almost never listen to, and I’m having to spend time going into my artists and clearing out the junk.

I really think it would be better service for paying customers if such auto-additions were music we’re actually interested in listening to. Or if there’s something in the settings to turn this off that I’ve missed, please point me there.

It seems your Tidal account is hacked/shared or similar. Roon does NOT add random artists to your streaming services favorites…


Eep. Duly noted. I’ll change my password.

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I changed my Tidal and Roon passwords, and nothing was added today. My apologies to Roon management for thinking you were doing this. Again, I would have no problem if this really were the case; my objection was to seeming randomness. I’m guessing my Tidal account was being used by someone else, but other than what I scrobble to I can’t tell what was being played when.

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Stranger things have happened… :slight_smile:

Just as a curiosity, Roon did offer to add a “start up” library from Tidal a few years back. Lots of people accepted the offer (without understanding it’s meaning) and then complained that it was a chore to remove these albums from their favorites. I think this was removed when Qobuz was integrated.

Anyways, i’m sure you won’t see any further “random” artists added to your library from now on! Enjoy the tunes! :smiley:

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