Roon back up to internal ssd

I just attached the internal ssd to my nucleus (rev b).

I want to choose the back up folder to be inside the internal ssd. But when I try to add a new back up location, I can’t find the internal ssd to be an option?

No, you can’t back up there. You wouldn’t want to anyway. You might need your Roon backup to restore Roon to another device for some reason. I use a USB drive plugged into my Nucleus. Some people use a USB stick.

The whole internal storage is used for your music (watched folder). It is strongly recommend that you do not set the location of Scheduled Backups to be within any Watched Folders. Keep the locations separate. You can use a USB drive connected to the Nucleus or a network share (or even dropbox) as backup location.

Read also: User Guide > Getting Started > Backups

Hello @Yuheng_Du, and thanks for your question! These guys are correct, we would recommend you back up to Dropbox or a USB drive instead of the internal storage.