_roon_backup_ appearing in folders on backup drive

Description Of Issue

roon_backup appears in every root folder on my roon backup drive, could you please advice me to stop this behaviour.

In my opinion the backup is a bad system.

I believe e10b8cda-9192-97e6-d4d2-b3b8e1633ce2 is the backup folder and it contains 15,193 folders and 17,077 files. Not a very lean and clean backup design.

What’s the problem?

The overall backup concept might be not performing too well for over the network backups but I don’t see a problem with identifiers written within the backup data structure. It’s not meant to be used outside the Roon app, anyway. So no reason to look into it, I’d say. :sunglasses:

All folders with the _ roon_backup _ file are folders that have nothing to do with roon.

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Find backup / browse and then I point to the correct folder but roon opens it and the message is choose folder again. This is weird backup system, until now, roon can not find its own backup.

I know enough, roon backup will not function for me.

I use my own backup system.

They do I believe.

(1) :open_file_folder: some name you gave it
… The folder chosen by the user to store the backups in (automated or manual), marked by:

(2) :open_file_folder: some GUID Roon gave it
… The folder created by Roon to store the backups in

(3) :open_file_folder: … the folder / flat file structure of the actual backup data

To find a backup you’d point to the folder you’ve chosen in (1). Roon will find available backups then. It does for me.

Maybe Roon should actually hide the _roon_backup_ marked folder to avoid confusion.

To illustrate:

Marked yellow is the folder chosen for backups.

In the “Find Backups” dialogue you’d select this folder (not any of the folders below it! Ignore what’s listed there):

Then, Roon should find the available backups, like this:

@rvb - hope this helps. If that doesn’t work, official support should step in to investigate further.

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Hi @rvb,

As @ndrscr mentioned you should be pointing Roon’s backup manager to the top-level folder and not to any specific Roon-created folders. If you are seeing otherwise, please share some screenshots by usingthese instructions.

Note that backups of the “live Roon database” are not supported and may cause issues if you try to restore these at a later point (as mentioned in our Knowledge Base Article). If you are using these kinds of applications it is always suggested to make a backup of the Roon-created backup folder and not the application itself to ensure proper data integrity.

– Noris

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