Roon Backup does not save all Settings

Having recently exposed to a new roon server and remote installation I was using the incumber backup functionality. Once the backup was done (worked technically perfectly) I realized that quite a few of the Roon setting have not be restored. This affected e.g. almost all entries in the section General (Standard vs. my previous settings), system and extentions.

@Roon support: Is this intentional or something that could be fixed?

The same issue was discussed here a few days ago:

It is currently intentional that the backup only backs up the server. The platforms where the remotes run have their own backup systems, typically.

It’s also not clear how a Roon server running on, say, Windows, is supposed to back up up remote settings on, say, iOS. The only feasible way would be to have all Roon remotes back up their settings to a Roon cloud server. And this creates a lot of complexity

In my case I am on the same Windows machine with the Roon server and client. I do understand that when a remote comes into play there needs to be a baseline to which to refer to as a master. Not applicable with my challenge. Having Roon server and the client on the same Windows desktop the backup feature could be straight forward, which with the limitations mentioned in my first post is not the case yet.

Hi @Klaus-19 ,

Thanks for reaching out with your query! I’m going to double-check with the team on this and let you know if this is intended behavior, but yes, as @Suedkiez mentions, Roon Remote settings are not backed up, only the server settings.

Hello @Klaus-19 ,

I checked with the team on this and have confirmed that only server-side settings are saved to a Roon backup, if you would like to see client settings saved in backups as well, please feel free to submit a feature suggestion. Our product team keeps an eye on that section, so it would be the best place to make your voice heard, thanks!

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