Roon backup: few files, but 87.106 mostly empty folders - is this normal?!?

Roon Core Machine

Intel Nuci7, Linux OS, latest ROCK, lots of ram and SSD space

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Everything hardwired using Fritz! equipment, CAT7 LAN cables and Netgear switch;
music files on Synology NAS connected via LAN

Connected Audio Devices

Auralic Aries G1 and Auralic Aries Mini, connected via LAN cables

Number of Tracks in Library

48.000 tracks

Description of Issue

When I want to backup my music library from one NAS to another, I’m being shown that there are 92.925 folders with 64.572 files - and the backup takes veeeeeeeeeeery long.
The reason for this seems that the folder where I store the (latest 2 only) Roon Backups - aside from all the folders with my music - has in total

  • 4.439 files only, BUT
  • 87.106 (!!!) folders of Roon Backups!

Is this normal, and if so why? Or am I missing something or have to change a specific setting (which I haven’t found yet) to radically decrease the no. of - almost all empty ! - folders where ROON stores the lastest 2 backups of my music library (ie NOT the music files, just the metadata etc.)?

Thanks for the help and kind regards from Munich Germany,

It’s normal - just the design used for the Backup function. Don’t worry about it.

You could set up a second scheduled Backup for your second NAS (perhaps with a different frequency) because running a Backup is probably quicker than the copying?

Hello Geoff,
thanks for the really quick reply and for sorting this out - at least I know now that “the problem” is not sitting in front of the screen ;-). Still, it’s not quite what I hoped for as it’s really slowing the backup down considerably…
The second NAS is only switched on for running backups and then off again to minimize any risk of accidently erasing something by fault (I know this is rather paranoid). I understand your suggestion of “setting up a second scheduled Backup for the second NAS” to be backing up the Roon database also on the second NAS, correct? That would certainly be much quicker than the copying, just a little more hassle …

Thanks again,

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