Roon backup from SonicTransporter

I need help starting my first roon backup from my sonictransporter to my mac where i have 64gb thumb drive formatted and labeled RoonBackups ST.
I guess i have to use network share but am totally clueless about this.
I have teamview installed if anybody has done this before.

I’m in the southern calf. area.

Please PM if you can help.


Hi @seaharp1,

If you connect the thumb drive to the SonicTransporter and use a Roon Remote to access the SonicTransporter Core, do you see the option to set the backup location to the USB drive via the Roon Backup manager? Once you set that, you should be able to install Roon on the Mac and then restore the backup from that.

My ST has a 2 tb external drive with 500gb of music files connected to the back of my ST that has an 8 tb internal drive in it.250,000 files on both drives.

I want to use my network to start creating roon backups on the thumb drive connected to my mac which is connected by ethernet to my network.


As long as file sharing using SMB is activated on your Mac (System Preferences -> Sharing) and the thumb drive is included in the list of shared folders (with write access), the Roon core on the SonicTransporter should be able to see it and write to it. You can add the thumb drive (or any shared folder with write access on the Mac) as a location within Roon, for backup, storage or both. You can use the Mac ip address for the hostname, or the Mac’s network name can be used, probably with the .local suffix - your Mac will show the correct network name in the sharing configuration interface at the top.

Alternatively you could used the SMB option in the SonicTransporter ‘External Drive Mounter’ under Settings in the web interface, if this is not already used to point somewhere else. It will be mounted on \storage\nas .

Note that it can be significantly slower than backing up to directly attached storage, depending on your network setup.

I would suggest trying the directly attached storage first but if you are trying to use your Mac via SMB you can also follow the instructions outlined in this guide to share the Mac folder on the network. Only difference between the guide is that instead of setting the folder as a watched location, you would specify it in the backup manager instead.

Thanks… doing first backup.
Will see how it goes when I test a restore.

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First backup and test restore successful.

Thanks again.

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