Roon Backup Issue - backup failed, drive not available, and backup not able to be located

Roon Core Machine

Rockna Wavedream Net; Not shown on the website but it is a Roon endpoint

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Using ethernet direct connection

Connected Audio Devices

Apple iPad

Number of Tracks in Library

64,000 tracks

Description of Issue

It looks like Roon is backing up successfully to my Dropbox account, but when I try to find the backup location it says “no backup found”. Also, I have a usb drive connected to my Rockna Wavedream Net streamer, and up until the latest Roon update, everything backed up to that drive successfully. However ever since the latest update, I get a message that says “backup failed, drive not available”. So it seems I cannot successfully execute a backup anywhere. As a futher step, I erased the usb drive to do a fresh start from scratch, with the same result.

I’m not sure if you’re trying to restore from a backup.
If so, have you tried downloading your Dropbox backup locally and restoring from that?

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Hi @Craig_Norris,

I saw your ticket and came here to say what @Placebophile suggested.

Were you able to get your backups situation squared away?


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I reinstalled Roon on the Rockna and that seems to have taken care of things for now.

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