Roon backup: Microsoft One Drive

Hello, is it possible to backup my Roon database to Microsoft OneDrive? My music server is an Antipodes DX Gen 2 with Roon loaded and being used. I’ve been backing up through DropBox but now that my library has grown I’ve exceeded 2GB storage available. Purchasing additional DropBox memory (1T) costs well over $150.00 a year here in NZ. As I already have a OneDrive account, I’d like to use that for Roon database backup.

Yes, you should be able to do this. If you have a Windows PC, then your OneDrive has a local anchor point, usually at C:\Users\username\OneDrive. If you create a folder in OneDrive for your Roon Backups, set this to sync between the PC and the OneDrive cloud. Then add it as a Backup storage location in Roon. For example, I have two Backup storage locations defined on a Windows 10 server, like this:

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Many thanks for such a quick reply. Really appreciated. I should have explained that I’m using One Drive from my iMac (running latest software). I’m hoping that the solution you outlined still applies.

I don’t have a Mac, but I believe the sync with the OneDrive cloud is also supported in OS X (possibly with the aid of a Microsoft app).

Once again many thanks for quick reply - I’ll try what you have suggested.