Roon backup not seeing locally attache thumb drive [Resolved]

Have been trying to do a local backup to a thumb drive formatted either as ExFAT or FAT32. When I try and select a location for backup Roon finds only network device locations, no locally attached drives. This is on a MacMini running High Sierra. Mac sees the drive. Any ideas? The drive is completely clean/reformatted.

This all began as I was attempting to move from the MacMini to a new ROCK based system. Using a backup from a NAS which I’d performed in the past. Did this after bringing up the Roon core (missed the bit about doing the restore before authorizing the new system as the Roon core). Anyway, the restore from NAS completed but much of it was corrupt. So, it seemed better to reauthorize the old system and do a local backup. But now that Roon core cannot “find” the locally attached thumb drive.

Any ideas?

Nevermind…seems Roon still was “connected” to my new system. Once disconnected and pointing to my old MacMini I could see things correctly.

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