Roon Backup on a Desktop [Solved - Kaspersky + Reset Network Visibility]

Core Machine (Innuos Zen /PC Desktop running W10 Versioin 1903/Roon Version 416)

Core is running on an Innous Zen MkIII, version 1.4.3. Softwore running on a PC running Windows 10 Pro Version 1903

Network Details (HardWired to theInternet)

Internet is hard wired

Audio Devices (Asus Essence STXII)

PC has an ASUS Essence STX II

Description Of Issue

When I go to backup, there is only options to add a network connection. Is there any way to backup to the desktop or a PC

Since your Core is running on an Innous Zen MkIII, then you will first need to share a folder on your desktop PC over the network. Then you can add that folder share as a network connection to your Core.

The backup is made from the machine running the Core (in your case the Zen MkIII). You are using the desktop PC to run the Roon user interface to control the Core.

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Does then show up in the network list or do you need to add it

You need to first add it. Being a Windows share, you’ll also need to use the Username and Password for the Share that you have created…

Edit: oh and another wrinkle that Windows 10 has added is that if you’re using a Microsoft account that is tied to an email address, you don’t use the email address as the username, but need to use the underlying Windows local account username…

So, for example, my local account username is the folder name of my root user folder. I.e. my root user folder is C:\Users\gcoup , so the username I type in to the Add Network Share setting screen of Roon is gcoup, and then my password into the Password field…

Sadly it just comes up with unexpected error. The share is connectable from windows explorer

Can you show a screenshot of the “Add Network Share” screen? I’ve just tried it here with my ROCK and a Windows Shared Folder, and it worked…

To show the share exists

Your Windows username, I don’t think, is “peter w b coles”… What is your user Folder called? (C:\Users\Username…)

Also, I have always had to add the Workgroup information for it to work for me.

And I, on the contrary, have never had to add Workgroup information. :grinning: Welcome to the wonderful world of Windows :roll_eyes:

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Do you use a Workgroup at home? I do, all my computers are in a Workgroup, so that may be the difference. And no, it is not named Workgroup. :smiley:

Ah, no, I don’t use a Workgroup - at one time all my computers were in a Homegroup, that is, until Microsoft decided that the Homegroup feature was more trouble than it was worth and killed the feature. It still pops up now and then in menus, like Banquo’s ghost…

if i just add the network, i still get the same error. sadly i think it a windows protocol error introduced in windows 1903

I am going unistall and reinstall. how do I remove all traces?

Shot in the dark - I know that Windows generally isn’t case-sensitive, but try “Peter W B Coles” instead of “peter w b coles”?

Failing that, perhaps you can use the Security tab on the Windows Share Properties to add an explicit “Roon” user…? I’ve done that before now for third-party software that needed access to a shared folder…

Tried upper case and lower case. I am sure its a window problem as roon isnt seeing the share. How do I add a share to windows propertries

Could not connect to share: Host not found

Leaves you with two possibilities

  • Office is not the hostname of your PC
    Please provide the correct hostname.
  • The core doesn’t support a suitable name resolution protocol
    You can try to use hostname.local or if that does not work, use the IP-address instead.

Hi @Peter_Coles,

Have you made sure to actually share the folder before adding into Roon? I would do the following:

1 Open the Peter W Coles folder
2 Create a new sub-folder there called Roon Backups
3 Right-click the Roon Backups folder that you created and open properties
4 Go to the Sharing Tab
5 Press Share
6 Note the username that appears there, this is the one you will have to enter into Roon
7 Press Ok to share the folder
8 Note the Network path specified in the sharing window and enter this into Roon
9 If it does not work, please provide screenshots of steps 6 & 8