Roon Backup Restoration Problem[Solved]

Roon Version 1.4
OS High Sierra
Roon Core on a Salk Streamplayer III; remote is an iPad Pro
Music stored on the same Streamplayer, about 1000 CDs, all in FLAC (backed up on an external hard drive)
Running to Halo Parasound Integrated DAC/amp via USB
Current log is on

Everything was working fine, until today.

Not sure what happened, but after adding a few new FLAC files to the Streamplayer (it runs Linux, and files were added from the external hard drive where I have a backup of all my ripped FLACs), all of a sudden Roon showed duplicates for every album (the remote is an iPad Pro). I did a forced rescan, but that didn’t help.

So I recopied all my music files into Streamplayer (using terminal commands for Linux that add only any changed files—very few were copied). But the duplicates disappeared, but all my Roon settings were lost, and every album showed the “NEW” tag. I figured, perhaps wrongly, that my Roon Database was corrupted, and decided to restore my Dropbox-backed-up Roon from 3 days ago. Logged out of Roon (on my iPad), hit restore from backup, navigated to the Dropbox backup file and started the process. For about 5 hours, all it said was “Restoring Backup” (no percentage of copied files showed up). So I stopped it, and restarted the restoration. It has been running for about an hour now, stuck at 1%. Does it take that long? Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance for your help!


I don’t think you are doing anything wrong. I would leave it go for the night and see where it is in the morning. If it is still at 1% then I’d investigate. Thousands of small files are being transferred back from Dropbox (my backup has about 13K small files), and that takes a bit of time.

Thanks! I’ll be patient!

Just in case someone else has the same issue(s), here’s what I did …

Went into Dropbox from my Mac.
Copied all the Roon Backups (all of the last 10 scheduled backups in Dropbox, that is) on to an external hard drive.
Connected the external hard drive to my Streamplayer.
Started the Roon Backup Restoration process with my Mac as Roon remote.
Navigated to my hard drive, which shows up, thankfully (as well as Dropbox via internet—ignored the Dropbox: it was too slow, as I noted).
Chose the date for the backup desired.
Hit Restore.
BOOM: 30 seconds later … done!

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Actually that was the next thing I was going to suggest. :smiley:
Glad you got it sorted.

Thanks for your helping me out!