Roon Backup - Restore

I go back to the rooms already programmed daily, this has worked perfectly.
But so far I haven’t had the need to do a recovery, but I have a doubt.
I use Desktop, Iphone and Ipad with Roon, but I see Roon when I change something, for example, background color pattern, white or black.
If I change on an iPhone, it doesn’t change on the Desktop and vice versa.
My question is with the settings that are saved in Backup, when we recover it, does it recover the last configuration of each device?

see this post:


Thanks, this is all a bit confusing to me.
But if I’m already using all these devices, how can I back them up?
And another question, in the case of the backup carried out by roon, are the playlists and tags (this is important) saved in the backup?

Playlists and tags (and other things related to your library) are not remote-relatedf settings, those are backed up. Settings specific to a remote device, like colors, need to be backed up, if you want to back them up, using whatever backup procedure you are using for that device.

This is a terrible flaw in roon, as there should already be a way to make a complete backup. Or at least in each device’s app, have an option to make backups of the settings of the app being used.
I already understood that playlists and tags are what is done in Backup.
Room should already explain what the backup actually does, saying that it backs up the roon core is too generic for lay people.
We are here to have fun with the music and not to be operating system experts. I appreciate your response.

Does not look like a particularly glaring flaw. Android and iOS already have built-in tools for backing up application settings, and you should be backing up your desktop anyway.

Although it would be nice to have a way to export and import Roon Remote settings on a desktop just so one could easily set multiple computers the same.

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It won’t. There are global settings in Roon and then there are settings that apply to each device individually and are held in the device itself.

The light and dark themes are an example of a device-specific setting.

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Yes… thanks for your reply.
But it’s time for Room to have a list of what’s in the backup and what’s left without any protection.
And as said by our colleague above, it would be very easy for room to implement an export of the app for each device, so that every time you don’t have to configure everything again, this is basic in any system.

It’s really not so easy for the database backup that runs on a Windows machine (or Linux etc) to make a backup of an iOS or Android app and restore it.

As others have said, each platform has its own backup mechanism for apps, anyway.

Yep, since remotes are added and removed all the time (starting and stopping Roon app on each device for a listening session, leaving your house/home network with your phone to go out for a drive, etc.), it would be extremely difficult to back-up all remote device from the Roon Server side as opposed to using the devices back-up feature. All devices would need to have Roon running “at the time of the back-up” for Roon server to even see them. Roon would also need access to the devices settings area where it saves app configs for each type of device and each OS version.

If you have not seen it here is the KB on backups:

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Well, this topic isn’t in feature suggestions, but I agree it would be nice to have things like dark/night mode tied to your profile - so when “Mike” adds a remote, it looks familiar.

Until you have someone who wants light mode on one tablet because it’s used in the kitchen and dark on another because it’s used in the listening bunker :slight_smile:

It can grow arbitrarily complex and there could be a config system of matching complexity to deal with it all, but it won’t be easy to do and could end up not less confusing than now :slight_smile: