Roon Backup & Sonos

New user to Roon, recently upgraded with Rock on a dedicated NUC. Thanks in advance if you can help with two issues getting resolved:

• Version Roon - Rock 1.3 build 269, on Intel NUC 717BNH w/ 128 gb SSD and 8 mb RAM
• Desktop - Windows 10 64 bit, 32 gb RAM, SSD 500 gb system drive
• Laptop – Windows 10 64 bit, 32 gb RAM, SSD 1 TB drive
• Storage - NAS with a current collection size of approximately 350 songs; operating system is FREENAS, with songs recognized and fully playable using Roon
• Sonos – 2-zones using Play:5 & Connect

• Roon Backup – Storage of my music is on a NAS. I created a directory called “Backups” and a sub-directory called “Roon” to periodically save backups of the Roon database. Roon recognizes the Backup Location, but when I try to save gives me the following message: “Failed to get authorization to access your account.” Note that the word “authorization” in the error message is misspelled so should be fixed in a future Roon update. Regardless, do you know how one grants authorization for database storage?
• Sonos - My wife likes to play random songs using Pandora radio on Sonos during the day. I prefer to listen using Tidal and to control Sonos through Roon. Is it possible to deactivate Roon’s control over Sonos, so the Sonos app takes over? The only solution I’ve been able to come up with is deactivating the Sonos audio devices, which does work but is cumbersome.

Thanks, we’ll get this fixed.

As far as I know, Sonos doesn’t have any concept of “exclusive” control – it should always just play whatever it was told to play last.

My sense is that you should just be able to press play in the Sonos app and Pandora should take over – are you seeing otherwise?

How are you logging into your NAS in Roon? Are you using a user name and password? If so, are you sure the user name you’re using has Read/Write access?

Let us know those details and include @support in your response – we’ll make sure we get this working for you John.

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