ROON Backup writing hidden files to disk drive which cannot be deleted

Hi @Wdw — Thank you for your patience while we have been conducting some further testing in house to try and get a grasp on why you may be experiencing this behavior with the mentioned flash drives.

Moving forward, our tech team did have a chance to test with an ExFAT formatted drive using the same procedure as before and unfortunately we are still unable to replicate the reported failure in house. As I am sure you are aware the backup process does not affect the drive itself in anyway. Roon looks at the drive/storage location that’s available and just writes it, no formatting or any other processes should be occurring.

In light of our findings I would recommend trying to erase the “volume” on one of the mentioned drives using the procedure found here and then trying to reformat.

Let me know how it goes and we can go from there. Many thanks Warren!

Hello Eric,
Enjoyed the italic “may” but no worries. It is clear that this silly little USB drive has, whether as a manufacturing defect, or something from ROON’s backup, an undeletable volume which only contains a file from your backup regime. Perhaps it is simply a “hiccup” but it is nevertheless not just a “may”.
This thread is populated with helpful suggestion about using the typical disk utility features of OSX but, as I have repeatedly shown, have tried “Terminal” command language, etc, so a link to a “bog” standard “how too” format and partition web page doesn’t help.
Please close this thread as this isn’t a readably solvable issue and the drive was only 20 something bucks. ( but brand new when put into use as a backup drive) , so no worries. Was concerned whether other users had this same problem that may make their backup hard drives unusable.

screenshots showing an attempt to eliminate these backup files as per your link: