Roon backups advice

i’m using an imac 2013 512gb ssd as core. i want a simple solution for backing up roon database. i have a time machine hd attached to the imac for which i turn off the autobackup function when using roon to avoid corrupt backups. i want a seperate solution to the time machine hd and i do not want to use scheduled backups for a number of reasons. force backup now is much easier for me.

very simply what type and size of external hard drive is best for doing roon backups. i use roon for tidal integration exclusively with no local NAS library. i have around 1400 favourite tidal artists/albums at present.

would using an external ssd hd give me any advantages for roon backups (and restoring if the need ever arose) over a normal hd. i understand usb sticks are not ideal. i also understand cloud storage dropbox etc is also a next step forwards here.

many thanks mohab @support

An ssd is overkill for backups. Any hdd external drive should suffice as long as it’s there when you run the backup. Steer clear of time machine for doing roon backups and restores as it will not work well because of the database operations that roon uses.

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thanks wizard.

out of interest could i just turn off auto backups on the same hd that is being used for time machine. so i could then use force backup in this case on that hd when i choose to. surely then roon would it see it as just any normal hd? when using roon i switch time machine off by disabling auto back ups. when not using roon time machine goes back on.