Roon backups deleted from dropbox

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Intel NUC running ROCK and nothing else

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Ethernet to Rock

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Lyngdorf TDAI 3400

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Description of Issue

I back up Roon to Dropbox. This morning I had an email telling me that overnight I had deleted 37,000 files. When I looked at the list of files they are all Roon back up files. I have no idea whether this is something to do with Roon. I can find nothing online to indicate that Roon automatically deletes backups on Dropbox. Nor do I think I have set up Dropbox to delete files automatically. Can anyone suggest where I should look for an explanation/reason please?

Have you setup scheduled backups in Roon ? The likely explanation is that you have asked for a finite number of revisions, and old files were purged.

Iit would be helpful if you visited the backup section in Roon, and confirmed the settings, and that the last backup was successful.

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Hi, it is set up to back up every 4 days and with a maximum of 10 backups. The files seem to have been deleted just after the last successful backup at 3:30am. It just seems an awful lot of files to delete; I not received similar messages previously and I have been backing up to Dropbox for a few months now. If it’s normal though then that’s ok.

This makes sense; after a successful backup, Roon will purge an old revision.

The Roon database consists of many thousands of files, so this isn’t entirely unusual.

You can check the status of the last backup in settings, and also browse available backups using the clean / restore option from the vertical ellipsis.

Thanks so much - I think this all makes sense to me now.

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