Roon backups size? [Answered]

Your Roon database, because that’s generally what backups are for. If you have Roon make the backups they’re incremental so you’re not using that much space with every backup. Roon’s rich in metadata, Jriver is not.

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Update it just finished…so around 5-6 mins I guess in total and 15.5GB!!!

@SonicYouth95 your system performance is at question here I guess as a starting point.

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@wizardofoz I might be wrong but I don’t think its an issue. 15.6K albums is alot of tracks. Also I think the 6GB is his whole backup folder… Regarding his file count… I don’t think that’s part of his roon backup (It could be as well not really sure)… He is backing up locally so I wonder if he got the folders and files mixed in…

@wizardofoz ah! You beat me to my reply :stuck_out_tongue:

I have over 100k tracks, and my backups are only 7.8 MB apiece. Just for comparison.

That’s not the whole story…

The Roon backup comprises of two main folders:

  • …\RoonBackups<backup id>\backups
  • …\RoonBackups<backup id>\objects

The backups folder contains time stamped files that describe how to restore the data from the objects folder, to be able to restore the Roon DB to a given point in time.

The objects folder contains the actual data that is required to be restored. This includes everything that is in the Roon DB, so that upon restore nothing has to be re-downloaded from the cloud servers and no user edits / preferences / list / etc. are lost (hence its significant size).

When Roon creates the first backup, the object folder is populated from scratch, this take a while … and a backup file is created to document it.

Then with the subsequent backups only the differences have to be written into the objects folder [incremental] together with another [time stamped] backup file to document it.

Hope this helps.


No. It is rather a question than an issue.

Thank you. THIS is the answer. I thought it is not an issue, I only wanted to understand what is really backed up. I did actually perform an initial backup, so the following incremental backups I can expect to be significant faster. In addition I am surprised that the whole cloud metadata are now stored locally. Not a bad thing anyway. :smiley:

This is only a backup on the primary system which is multiply being transported to other storage and media. Be sure that I am paranoid enough when it comes to backup policies. :smiley: On the other hand my music files and my own metadata (30 years of “work”) are of much more importance and value for me than any kind of cloud data provided by Roon.

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Not the whole cloud … only the metadata for the albums in your library … think of it as a local cache.


As I said this was not an issue or an unsolved problem of system performance and the like. I only wanted to know what data are being backed up. It has been already answered in this thread.

Of course :smiley:

Agreed. That’s why I was telling @wizardofoz.

@SonicYouth95 The fact you claim your backup takes 2 hours still mystifies me…and you still seem reluctant to expand upon your system specs so I guess in that case I have nothing else I can contribute as to why it might take so long.

If you feel like enlightening those of us that stepped up to offer some help then please do or can we just assume you are ok with 2 hour back periods?

I think you need to distinguish between the initial backup and the subsequent incremental backupa, which only save changes since the last backup.

If it was taking 2 hours each time, I would be surprised but I don’t think that’s what @SonicYouth95 is saying, right? Do subsequent backups complete more quickly?


@mike I guess it could be read either way but I interpreted it as his backups were taking a long time to complete…each one and that’s why he was wondering what is being backed up. Clearly 2 hours to back up each time is not the norm hence my thought that this was indeed an issue he assumed was due to what and how much is being backed up.

Hopefully we will know soon and can close this or offer some other advise as to what to look for to improve things.

For comparison:
I have 2300 albums, 30k tracks.

I set up a new backup job, over wifi to a Windows share. The initial backup took 45 minutes, an incremental (with no changes) took less than a minute. This was over wifi. Objects is 2 GB, each Backup file is 3 MB (and so were my previous backups for the last few months).

Right. Only the initial backup took 2 hours. Unfortunately I cannot perform an incremental one because I deleted the first (due to it’s immense size which I disliked).

I was wondering about the size (>100 k files), not the time needed related to that size. System specs: Intel Core I7-4765T CPU 2.00GHz, 8 GB RAM, Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (1703). BTW Roon needs about 2 minutes to be up and running.

What? 2 minutes?
Those specs sound completely reasonable.
But 2 minutes is not reasonable.
EDIT: well, you are talking about the core? I boot my windows machine and start Roon in 45 seconds. Could 100k tracks mean that much? Seems unreasonable…