Roon Behaviour For Similarly Named Artists

Roon Core Machine


Connected Audio Devices

iPad (WiFi)
Pixel 4XL (WiFi)

Library Size

7500 tracks
Subscribed and connected to both Tidal and Qobuz

Description of Issue


Using the search I’ve noticed that when searching for ‘Dave’, hoping to find this Dave I’m not taken to a screen of that artist but instead am taken to an artist page of ‘other’ Dave’s. So I have some Sam & Dave albums in my library, so those appear. When I step into the Discography it appears like all Dave’s are being pulled from both Tidal and Qobuz and shown.

The same happens when I try and access the Artist page via an album page, too. The behaviour is the same on both Android and iPadOS.


Short answer is Roon makes a hash of it. Same or similar behaviour with incorrect metadata already reported for Cream, Bread, Genesis, Heart etc.

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