Roon behaviour odd when trying to edit playlists [Resolved]

So, a couple of months ago I was very pleased when I discovered Roon had made it so easy to edit ( in my case remove certain tracks from playlists) playlists.
I have about 12,000 tracks on my system, all ripped from CD through an Antipodes DX unit.
Some of my playlists do have tracks from Tidal.
I have downloaded the most recent updates from Roon.
I play music from these playlists in three zones.
My main unit to store the ripped files is an iMac, and play in the living room via an Apple airport and Classé amp and preamplifier. I use a hardwired Nas network, and also play in a downstairs listening area via a Bryson Pi 3, Apple TV and more Classé equipment.
I also have back up storage on 3terabyte WD system set up in raid and as best I can determine-these tracks have been deleted there as well - not happy with that!

Finally I play outside through another Classé amp and only use a Yamaha receiver to accommodate the zone outside.
Back to the issue at hand currently- three odd issues-
***On one of my playlists, music that I can’t find on the playlist is playing?..

***on another playlist I went to edit the list and delete duplicate tracks. I highlighted the track on my iPad, went to delete and Roon said are you sure you want to delete this one track?..clicked the several boxes to confirm- but then found it deleted both tracks - and tens of other tracks by different artists?! I was trying to delete a Joe Cocker track that was on twice and deleted both those and the whole Sarah McLaughlin lists of songs I had and Nu Eros others artists are now marked as u available

The same sort of thing happened on another playlist.

I am not very computer literate and had this entire set up was assembled by a HiFi tech company that is a four hour drive away ( although they have gained control of my computer remotely in the past).
There are so many facets to this system that I don’t know where to start.
Any help is appreciated,
Thank you.

Hi Tony,

Regarding the deletion of tracks from your playlists, it looks like you permanently deleted the tracks from Roon and your NAS, hence the multiple warnings. I hope you have a backup of those tracks.

What you wanted to do is click the 3 dots icon to the far right of the track and select “Remove from Playlist”. This will remove the track from the playlist, but keep it in your library.

What I think you actually did was click the 3 dots menu, selected Edit and scrolled down to “Delete Tracks”. This is NOT what you want to do.

Another way to perform both these functions is to highlight multiple tracks by right click (long press) each track, then select the 3 dots icon at the top of the screen. There you can remove them from the playlist or delete them.

If you use the highlighting method, you can see how many tracks are selected by looking at the top left of the screen. You may have had multiple tracks selected and when you went to delete a track, it deleted all that were selected (a guess).

If you’re positive that you didn’t delete multiple tracks, then I’m not sure what happened. I’m not sure what would cause unavailable tracks.

Anyway, as a start, let us know if any of this sounds familiar.

Cheers, Greg

Thanks for the quick response Greg.

Yes, most of the tracks are available to me as I ripped them on the Antipodes DX and can do so again - (PITA though!)
I think you are correct in that I deleted them from Roon in one instance for sure - however on the other list, it clearly said “delete one track” and I clicked to do so. Unknown to me why it deleted almost half my playlist (of over 700 tracks), as I’m quite sure they were not highlighted.

Also, I encountered an instance where two tracks from the same artist (that I don’t care for) randomly played as though it was on my playlist - and after two searches I determined it wasn’t ??..and it wasn’t a case whereby the radio had started. Very odd.
I’m hesitant to try further editing but I will try it on a shorter playlist to see what happens.

Thanks again for your insights.

Tony A.

OK, so after much exploration - but thankfully before starting all over again ripping my cds to my database,
I discovered that somehow I had become disconnected to Tidal.
All it took was for me to log back into Tidal, wait for the sync to take place, and everything in my playlists was back.
I don’t know how or why I became disconnected from Tidal - but very relieved it was a simple fix.

Thanks for the help Greg!



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