Roon behaviour when internet connection has problems

I agree that jumping to the next song is very annoying. It should be user option to do this (or to set the application behavior within settings section).

+1 from my side.

I also find this behavior annoying. So plus 1!

Well, it’s debatable, but, to me, this looks more like a design flaw.

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How do you know it hasn’t retried more times…did you check the logs?

Because the next song starts too quickly.

In the previous days i’ve had the same issue with Tidal and a 1Gb fiber interface with 9ms latency to Tidal server.
For me it is either a bug OR a Tidal issue. In the same situation Qobuz has no issue.

Make sure you have tried using the public DNS servers of cloud flare or google or How will depend on your router or if using static IP address for the core

I believe this thread is not about fixing internet connection problems. It is about Roon behavior when internet connection problems occur.


Hello @gmit2,

Thanks for the feedback here! Since this appears to currently be “working as designed”, I have moved your post over to the #roon:feature-requests section of this site.

This section is monitored by our product team and other users can also weigh in for features which they’d like to see added.

My suggestion however would be to fix the root cause of the issue, it sounds like you might be experiencing some networking issues.

Dont be so indignant that your network settings might or not have an issue…we are giving you advice from a world of experience and DNS is important to have right for streaming routes. You can ignore it of course but it doesn’t cost you anything to get a look at it…post your settings if you care to.

Run a trace route to the tidal servers (its not to by the way) you will need to determine what that address is in your network connections.

Latency to the streaming source is the most likely offender here and latency is what’s caused by many hops along the routes that are in part determined by the DNS responses on how to get to the streaming service.

maybe try this


here is my result

traceroute: Warning: has multiple addresses; using
traceroute to (, 64 hops max, 52 byte packets
 1  usg (  0.535 ms  0.351 ms  0.302 ms
 2 (  4.634 ms  1.511 ms  1.262 ms
 3 (  1.681 ms  1.579 ms  1.568 ms
 4 (  6.859 ms  3.963 ms  10.359 ms
 5 (  1.417 ms  1.536 ms  1.475 ms

your tidal server might be different but you get the idea.

here is one with a problem

traceroute to (, 64 hops max, 52 byte packets
1 ( 9.001 ms 1.282 ms 1.218 ms
2 ( 8.634 ms 5.285 ms 4.326 ms
3 ( 4.212 ms ( 4.117 ms ( 4.342 ms
4 ( 4.569 ms ( 4.401 ms ( 4.780 ms
5 ( 4.298 ms ( 4.267 ms ( 4.455 ms
6 ( 4.580 ms ( 4.865 ms 4.534 ms
7 ( 4.618 ms ( 4.682 ms ( 4.763 ms
8 ( 39.322 ms 39.665 ms 39.605 ms
9 ( 35.185 ms ( 39.203 ms ( 39.102 ms
10 ( 266.798 ms 40.893 ms 41.240 ms
11 ( 37.187 ms 36.806 ms 37.395 ms
12 * * ( 38.980 ms
13 * * ( 45.427 ms
14 ( 74.799 ms ( 43.025 ms 44.746 ms
15 ( 75.980 ms ( 76.452 ms 74.769 ms
16 ( 75.713 ms 79.112 ms ( 94.471 ms
17 ( 89.821 ms * 85.455 ms
18 * ( 57.415 ms 54.982 ms

I’m not (indignant). :smiley:
The thread is simply about what Roon does when the connection is interrupted. This does not mean that connection problems should not be solved locally by each user…
P.S .: My DNS is set to Google. The problem manifests only when there are problems with the Internet provider (extremely rare) or when the Tidal service is interrupted (and this happens rarely).

OK…so in your opinion then how long should Roon retry…1 second? 10 seconds 1 min or maybe continously? You are likely still going to get a drop/pause in music assuming the connection is not good enough - in which case its why its probably stopped in the first place and moved on.

I dont know what tidal’s buffering allowance for other users of their service, maybe its not great? Maybe their own app is better at this…does this happen if you are using their app in the same time frame (test when it happens on roon) or soon after?

For me it would be great if there were two settings:

  • On connection error: try reconnect for X seconds.
  • When the reconnect fails: skip to the next track / stop playing.

Other users may have other preferences.
In the event that this will be implemented, I rely on the Roon team, which has always had very good and practical solutions.

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As far as I’m concerned, it could also repeat infinitely since if playback of the current song cannot be resumed, then the next song or songs will have the same problem as well.

P.S. I would appreciate stop getting advices about network problems. It’s not about that and there’s nothing to be done.

OK apologies that was maybe a bit harsh :blush: insistent then…but I have seen so many posts with this issue here that are normally dealt with effectively with network settings or tidal lag issues being identified.


No problem… :smiley:

This is interesting. What do you do when your traceroute has problems? Is there a fix?

Maybe restart you modem and router and see if that helps

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