Roon: Best audio-support forum!

(Michael Fanning) #1

This is a shout-out for the Roon team for operating the best audio-support forum that I have encountered.


– Terrific hierarchy to display topics of interest
– Great navigation tools (categories, latest, new, etc.)
– Opportunity for customers to interact with other customers, suggest improvements, list for sale items, etc.
– Highly engaged Roon team (including top management) that quickly and effectively responds to customer problems, civilly moderates discussions, and efficiently categorizes responses in separate topics

All in all, not only am I immensely happy with the Roon product (and beaucoup thanks for making Devialet Air workable), but I am thoroughly pleased with the entire Roon experience.

Cheers, Michael a.k.a. Flashman

(Tony) #2

Couldn’t agree more, but the Community itself deserves an equal shout out (IMHO). It is largely free of the unpleasantness that seems to infect many other audio related forums.

(Michael Fanning) #3

@Anthony_Bates Amen to your comment! :star_struck:

(Anthony Dell) #4

Totally agree. This is s genuine community of interest, with plenty of valuable expertise and advice. I am particularly impressed by the approach taken by the Roon management team. They manage to combine “hands on” customer engagement with a very professional approach to software development. Where do they find the time? Great stuff!

(David Toole) #5

Double Amen to that. I always enjoy this community and marvel at the ability of participants to discuss issues without resorting to the name-calling and “statements of a higher authority” so prevalent in most audio forums.

(Reader of the Internets) #6

Just signing up for the trial but particularly reading around in this group has re-invigorated my music. Really a very nice forum. Quite helpful.

Last week I decide to re-rip all the CDs I only have in MP3 format, and bought a new external motorized CD drive to do that. I also bought a Chromecast Audio to try. Last weekend I tore apart my living room media cabinet and re-built it, removing 5 (!) unused cables in the process and making three significant improvements, only one of them due to Roon. This week I bought a new power amp for the first time in many years. Last night I built new speaker cables for the first time in 25 years, connected that amp, driven by Roon to the CCA, and powered up Bell & Howell bookshelf speakers that have been dormant for 20 years; listening to Sonny Rollins on Silver City right now on that system.


Chasing the dragon. Roon or at least the forum seems to bring that out.:smile:

(Michael Fanning) #8

@Bill_Janssen Congratulations on your Roon trial and audio reinvention! Be careful as you may get further intoxicated by the Roon eco-system. It happens to many of us. It’s a brave new world, as Mr. Huxley once said!
Cheers, Michael a.k.a. Flashman

(John B) #9

This is a comment from the Naim forum

To be fair, my interest is piqued because of that active forum, problems are quickly addressed and solutions sought and thats worth…

Interesting that the active forum seems to be a major part of someone’s decision to move from trial to a subscription.

Kudos to @support and the mods.