Roon better than BlueOS?

I was trying to communicate to Roon simply re: sign up for free for limited time. I’m using Bluesound Vault 2i and was considering signing up but based on the chatter here I’m asking myself is it worth it? Does Roon really offer discernible sound quality difference than Blueos. And simply trying to send a simple question to Roon I have found impossible. If I have to rely on plowing through 1000s of dialog to get help from users it seems Roon is way over priced. I’m not convinced.

That’s the virtue of a free trial. You can try it out and decide whether it’s right for you.

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Thanks for your response. The free trial is my problem. Knowing nothing @ year ago I downloaded Roon to my Mac. I didn’t realize I was missing lots of hardware for it to work. I signed for 1 year. It was canceled within 24 hours never able to run it. A human from Roon realized I wasn’t ready and canceled me out. She said when your ready we will allow you a free trial again at that time. For now, the system won’t allow it. I would be betting $100.00 that it makes the sound quality better than Blueos. I’m not so motivated by metadata and nice artwork I just want best sound.

There are many fans of Roon. A DAC maker tells me a best dac will perform music optimally to any upscaled software. He won’t put usb into his DAC as he of the mind that Roon run is a frenzy for those who have not used really great DAC.

His top DAC is under 2K. He has a trial period it would be great to try both options.

I don’t think there’s any discernible sound quality difference. I use Roon because it is a vastly superior app and UI to BluOS. The way it connects your library together, shows liner notes and reviews, and allows you to explore the credits and and bios of each album/track — that’s what makes it worth it for me. It’s a joy to manage my library with Roon. With BluOS it’s a chore (for example, BluOS is terrible at album art, and it doesn’t even update automatically when you add new music to your library, you have to do that manually).

If your Mac was able to run Roon and you had a Bluesound device, then you have all the hardware you need to run Roon (you might want more, but it will certainly work with what you have).

As to if the Bluesound device will sound better being fed by Roon vs BlueOS, there’s varying opinions on that. As was said before, use the free trial to see if you can hear a difference.

Agree both offer bit perfect playback so SQ is as good via either your limited to the hardware here. One is locked into one type of Hardware the other isn’t. If all you have is Bluesound for streaming then stick with it. If like me you have built up systems based on different manufacturers, and have multiple zones around your house and you love the extra metadata, DSP etc then Roon is the one.

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