Roon billing as ‘R Music’?

Is Roon now billing as ‘R Music’ instead of Trying to make sense of a debit to my bank account.

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Yep, that‘s what it is here for me in Germany :+1:

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Came here looking for the same info. Would like to have had an email or other notification from Roon on this. Glad to know that’s what this is about.

Hey @Dafydd_Waters and all :wave: ,

Thanks for connecting with our team about this: by the way, great eye!

I can confirm that, as things stand now, any subscription purchase from Roon will show up as “R MUSIC” on your bank statement.

If you have any doubts, it’s worth checking the amounts as well. When it comes to subscription purchases, the amounts we charge ar $14.99 (for a monthly subscription), $149.88 (for a yearly one) and $829.99 (for a lifetime subscription).

Please note that these amounts change depending on the exchange rate at the time, should you pay in a different currency.

If there are any doubts about a payment, please, let our team know. We’d be happy to look into it :smiling_face:


Thanks for the clarification @beka

As the payment to R Music wasn’t recognised I had already stopped the payment and subscription as a potential fraud. I don’t remember receiving any information that this was changing?

With the information above I’ve now reinstated the subscription but this month’s payment will need to be presented again.

How do I contact Roon to ensure that happens and the service is maintained?

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Mine went through with no problems, 26 Dec 23 I noticed the change but thought no more of it. There wasn’t a $1 tester as the same CC was used last year.

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Hey @Ross_ByTheSea,

Thank you for speaking up about this. I am sorry for the trouble it cause :slightly_frowning_face: .

On our end it seems your account is in good standing and your renewal on January 16th was successful. Your subscription is in good standing.

Do you experience something else on your end?

Thanks @beka,

I can see a payment to Roonlabs on 18th December, but none since so that’s strange.
I assume Roon bill in advance not arrears so am I good until the next payment is due in February?

Thanks, Ross

Hi @Beka,

I tried to login this morning and got the message that my subscription has expired!

How do i resolve this please?

I’ve also logged a question via my account page:

Hey @Ross_ByTheSea,

I believe your account is all set. Please, let us know if you run into any difficulty at all :smiling_face:

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