Roon Bluesound Node 2I and 2 gears

Hi all,

I have a simple set up for stereo:
Roon core on Nuc plugged in USB to my Mcintosh for DSD up sampling.
Or Bluesound Node 2I plugged in coaxial to my Mcintosh.

I would like to listen in multi channel through my AVR : Rotel RAP 1580.
Today the Mcintosh is in passthrough to the Rotel for home cinema.

Where do I plug the Node on the rotel to get a 5.1 multichannel? I tried on Rotel Aux line to the Bluesound RCA…no sound…
So I’m wondering what I missed

On roon audio set up I see only one Bluesound, should I see two? One for each set up?

Thanks in advance for help

The Bluesound Node 2i is a stereo device; you can’t use it for multichannel.

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Thanks, I was thinking by sending over a stereo stream my AVR could transform it to 5.1 as tv program for instance.

Not really 5.1 when it does that, but just plug the coax into the amp if it has spdif input or optical if it only has that. If it doesn’t have either than analogue is your only option.

Thanks and yes of course I was saying 5.1 from stereo stream. Just to hear how it is.
I’ll try to do as said and let you know!

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