Roon + Bluesound problems [fixed by BluOS update]

Thanks for the input but we’ll aware it uses 2.4 as based on my prior posts above. Still running into issues despite trouble shooting my 2.4 band and adding a mesh extender that also uses a 2.4 band.

I already have a Unifi network, it’s not the network :slight_smile: and also the wired device stops playing and dissapears so… it’s something between Roon and Bluesound.
I will not continue to use Roon cause it’s not good enough.

@Eric any updates? Threads been cold a few days now…

My trial ran out without it getting fixed so, not buying. :confused:

You can always jump in again when it’s all sorted.

Hey folks – Eric discussed this thread (and a few other Bluesound threads) with myself and our developers, and so I wanted to provide a little update about status.

  • We’re currently aware of two issues affecting Bluesound’s Roon integration – an issue related to syncing between multiple devices, and some more generalized stability issues that tend to be resolved with a reboot of the Bluesound device

  • Bluesound is working to release a new version of their firmware that includes an updated version of RAAT – this version of RAAT contains fixes that we hope address both issues but, like all of our partners, obviously we can’t make commitments about their release schedule

  • If the new firmware goes live and either of these issues persists, we will of course investigate further and work closely with Bluesound to get this resolved, like we always do

I also want to acknowledge we understand how frustrating these kinds of issues can be, and we wish we could guarantee dates when issues will be resolved – anyone that has even a passing familiarity with software or hardware development knows these things almost always take an indeterminate amount of time.

Our support team routinely works with our customers and partner companies to identify and resolve complex issues in our ecosystem. When an issue involves a partner company’s hardware or software we’re often happy to take the lead communicating status as we work through the issue, so our shared customers aren’t caught going back and forth.

Just keep in mind that just because we’re communicating status, that doesn’t mean every issue is under our control or something we can solve unilaterally.

Thanks all!


@mike - good to hear these issues are still being actively addressed, though it’s rather disappointing that there isn’t more transparency about them on the Bluesound forum (clearly no fault of Roon).

Having recently spent some time over Christmas looking through the Bluesound forum, you can easily come away with the impression that any Roon & Bluesound issues could not possibly be the fault of Bluesound. They just suggest you take the issue up with Roon. I’m not prepared to play ‘piggy in the middle’ in such circumstances so me and Bluesound are done.


@mike Thanks for the update. I actually had Ethernet installed today and have connected my bluesound players via this method. So far in the brief time I’ve used it, no drop outs but it definitely gets out of sync between the two rooms. Pausing and resuming seems to fix it. We’ll see how it goes. May be my excitement…but subjectively the sound quality “seems” improved… maybe it’s just the loss of stressing over whether or not my music will keep playing or not.

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I’ve got 11 bluesound zones in my house – 8 via 2 NAD CI580s (4 zones each) and 3 additional bluesound node 2s. I can confirm that rooms get out of sync all the time as others are experiencing. I hope the next firmware update that gets BluOS to the latest version of RAAT fixes it. I have found a work around though. If you group bluesound zones together in the BluOS app and then play the grouped zone in roon, things stay in sync. Though some of you might find that useful.


@mike - any update on this at all? Two specific questions: 1) Will the fixes also address the issue submitted by Brian several months back (Seeking Help from Bluesound Node2 Users). 2) In the meantime, might it be helpful to update the compatibility matrix to note that you can’t currently sync between BS and non-BS devices (similarly to the MQA caveat)? This may be helpful to potential new customers making a purchasing decision. Thanks.

I’ve asked BlueSound about this, and the RAAT update “is on their roadmap”.

I think it has been on the roadmap since last July, but wasn’t in the December release.

Thanks @dibb - it seems a long and winding road…

Looks like there’s some progress…

Interesting…perhaps…in context you can read that in different ways…it suggests to me it may be after the Easter update that’s mentioned…but that’s just speculation on my part.

Had the out of sync issue which really pissed me off - Flex (wireless) with Roon to NAD amp (D7050) via PC optical out. I changed a setting in the flex (BluOS app) from mono to stereo. Seems to have fixed the sync issue (occasionally there’s a slight sync issue for one song only)
Hope this helps

Thanks for the idea, sadly not a fix for me - still holding out for that update. My guess is it probably won’t happen until after the presumed Roon MQA release - having been caught out before, I can’t imagine Bluesound will want to run the risk of being behind the curb again. Meanwhile, from the looks of the odd post on this forum, and my own purchasing decisions, they’re losing customers.

I would like to submit that laying these problems all at the feet of Bluesound is missing a larger picture.

Roon is implying that this is a RAAT issue, in that Bluesound needs to be implementing the latest version.

If this is the case, I’d like to point out that in our place, we have four different manufacturing Roon Partners (Bryston, BluOS, Trinnov, Lumin and soon be be Mark Levinson) ALL running four different RAAT versions.

Roon is a very small organization, eager to advance and improve. However, expecting larger manufacturers to instantly dedicate time and money every time Roon comes out with a new RAAT is quite naive.

Roon is a fantastic product (if it wasn’t, I wouldn’t be here and we wouldn’t be Roon dealers). But so is Bluesound any many of the other hardware Partners. The word “Partner” is key to understanding the situation. The two sides will frequently be at slight odds. So far, though, I think both sides are doing a good job at working together.


Paul you make some very good points and very interesting to hear that the other manufacturers run different versions of RAAT (i.e. not the latest version). I also agree with you on another point: We are counting on our sync issues being fixed once Bluesound implements the latest version of RAAT. As far as I understand though, this is a hypothesis and not a certainty. Fingers crossed :slight_smile:

When I was running a Naim Nova (Roon Ready) I had no sync issues between zones and I bet (don’t know for sure though) that the Naim did not have the latest version of RAAT. Does this mean the sync problem lies somewhere other than RAAT version? I don’t know but lets hope not.

My impression is that indeed there is a good partnership between Roon and Bluesound but this particular problem is perhaps very difficult to solve. I agree with you that it is unrealistic to expect that Bluesound will run to roll out a new RAAT. Even then we do not know for sure if this will fix our problem.

Roon users like myself (and probably a few others here) are facing a technical issue which means we can basically not use Roon and Bluesound as we intended to (multiroom audio in sync).
I have no idea if we are a representative sample of Bluesound customers or not but just like @dhusky I was ready to buy a Pulse 2 and another Node 2 before realising that I cannot sync zones via Roon. As I am not willing to give up Roon in favor of Bluesound, I am about to switch back to Sonos. I am sure that Bluesound will be fine regardless :slight_smile: