Roon breaks my vpn (cisco anyconnect)

Hi. I’m running Cisco’s anyconnect client to connect to my office network. I was having some trouble with one of my computers not connecting properly with that package, and discovered that running Roon breaks AnyConnect. It does something to the routing table on my computer that stops network traffic from getting across the VPN. Once that routing change is made, it doesn’t reverse itself when I stop Roon. I found I was able to “fix” AnyConnect after stopping roon by changing network settings on the AnyConnect network device in network settings, to purposely “break” the VPN settings, and when it detected that problem, it would shut down the tunnel and reset all of it’s settings to work again.
I’m not able to diagnose exactly what Roon does to the network settings to break AnyConnect, but it’s clear that Roon is the culprit (I run a ping -t to a destination at the far end of the tunnel, and the replies stop as soon as I start up Roon).

The best solution I wish Roon Labs would implement would be to make Roon Server work on my Windows Home server (I never run VPN tunnels on that machine), but failing that, does anyone know what I can do to stop Roon from meddling with my networking?


Sorry for the trouble here @Trent_Kaiser. To be clear, Roon does not (and can not) make changes to your VPN or network settings.

It’s possible that something in your VPN software is reacting poorly to Roon’s network traffic, but we have a lot of people running Roon in similar configurations, so it’s hard to imagine that something out of the ordinary in Roon is causing this.

I’m happy to help however I can here Trent, but I just want to be clear that there’s no way we’re aware of that Roon could be affecting the routing table in the way you describe. Thanks!

I have a Linksys WRT1900 AC that was running OpenWRT firmware and I just switched back to the Linksys firmware (don’t ask me why… as I’m not really sure what I expected to accomplish, I will probably go back to OpenWRT).

But at any rate… I was clicking through the tabs in the router config and I saw a section for OpenVPN Server.

I clicked it on and setup a config for it. Then when to my iPhone and started messing around with OpenVPN settings from the OpenVPN app. I got the VPN to work, but then realized that my iPad (which was connected to RoonServer and using HQPlayer as an endpoint) was disconnected from Roon and couldn’t find the a connection. Then I went to my computer and tried Roon. No Library.

So I turned off OpenVPN. Logged out of all my accounts and restarted RoonServer and now it works again.

Hmmmm. I don’t see this as a Roon problem but there is something weird going on.
At some point I could probably try to break it more methodically.

I will most likely never use the OpenVPN but I just remembered reading @Trent_Kaiser’s post and figured I’d share…

Thanks for chiming in. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one that noticed a correlation. When I’m back home and have some more time to look at it, I’ll see if I can diagnose some more symptoms and see if I can report any workarounds to avoid the problem. Cheers.