Roon Bridge 1.7 build 571, "there was an error checking for an update.", known issue, ignore, wait for fix?


I see several open issues that point to this symptom, with no resolution, latest thread from Sep 2020.
In the About screen, the Roon Bridge shows …

“You have the latest version installed”

, and then few seconds later transitions to,

“There was an error checking for an update”

Disabled public network firewall first. No difference.

Followed by disabling of “all” firewall settings.

No difference.

Not an issue and doesn’t affect performance.

Just curious if fix is in the works.


They could finally fix it - really a shame …

B571 is the current version, no need to worry here just close one eye and I’m sure it’s on the next release as a fix.

Thank you for that confirmation.

Hello @George_Shin, my apologies for the confusion here. Wizardofoz is correct here, you are currently on the latest version of Roon Bridge.

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